The Business Court dismissed Plaintiff’s claim that he had been dismissed from his employment in violation of the public policy of North Carolina. 

Plaintiff, a doctor who had been employed by the Defendant medical practice, alleged that he had been forced to resign his employment while he was disabled and seeking medical treatment.  He asserted that the Defendant’s "conduct in demanding an unnecessary resignation agreement of a disabled employee while he was in a vulnerable state . . . offends the public policy of the State of North Carolina."

Judge Diaz disagreed and granted Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss.  He held:

While Plaintiff’s original and amended pleadings assert that he was disabled and seeking medical treatment at the time he was purportedly coerced by BRBJ into resigning from employment, Plaintiff does not allege facts sufficient to show that he met the criteria for disability under any relevant statute, nor does he allege that BRBJ discriminated against him on the basis of any such disability. Cf. Baucom v. Cabarrus Eye Ctr., P.A., No. 1:06CV00209, 2007 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 25101, at *19–22 (M.D.N.C. Apr. 4, 2007) (dismissing claim alleging wrongful termination where Plaintiff failed to allege facts sufficient to demonstrate disability under state or federal law or that Defendant discriminated against plaintiff on the basis of any such disability). 

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Defendant’s Brief In Support Of Motion To Dismiss

Plaintiff’s Brief In Opposition To Motion To Dismiss

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