Eighteen new cases were designated to the Business Court during the month of May 2009.  Most are the usual disputes between members, partners, or shareholders of business organizations, but there are a few securities claims and a couple of trade secrets cases as well.

[Update: It’s actually nineteen new cases, I added the Napco case, which I had overlooked, after this post was first published.]

American Acquisition, LLC v. Goldman (Mecklenburg)(Diaz): claims involving dissolution of general partnership, and general partner’s refusal to distribute proceeds from sale of partnership asset based on his position that funds may be necessary to defend against potential claims.

Boone v. American Benefit Concepts, Inc. (Guilford)(Tennille): Claim by investors that defendant brokers violated the North Carolina Securities Act by inducing them to invest in a company later placed into SEC receivership (Diversified Lending Group, Inc.).

Bradley v. Bradley Farms, Inc. (Halifax)(Tennille): shareholder dispute alleging misappropriation of funds, claims for breach of fiduciary duty and dissolution.

Cartridge Limited v. JRiDevelopment Group, LLC (Alamance)(Tennille): defendants, formerly associated with plaintiff, are alleged to have stolen Plaintiff’s technology for use and sale by a competing entity.

Fitte v. Rutter (Guilford)(Tennille):dispute between members of an LLC, plaintiff alleges that he has been improperly excluded from participating in the management of the LLC.

Henderson v. Manuel (Guilford)(Tennille): Claims for breach of fiduciary duty and self-dealing against member and partner in multiple business entities.

Howard Perry & Walston Realty, Inc. v. Campbell (Wake)(Jolly): Allegations of theft of trade secrets and violation of non-compete agreements against former employees of real estate brokerage firm.

InSource Business Strategies, Inc. v. Bell (Iredell)(Diaz): claims that member/manager allegedly failed to provide truthful and accurate information about the financial condition of the Plaintiffs, and improperly obtained investment in the corporation without proper board approval and usurped corporate opportunities.  Also issues of validity of board approval of asset purchase agreement due to deficiencies in notice and lack of quorum.

Mast v. Edward D. Jones & Co. (Johnston)(Jolly) claim against securities broker involving unanticipated tax consequences from rollover of insurance policies.

Napco, Inc. v. PBM Graphics, Inc. (Alleghany)(Diaz): alleged misappropriation of trade secrets involving process for manufacture of sports memorabilia cards, breach of confidentiality agreement.

Pineway Partners, LLC v. Holt Asia, LLC (Alamance)(Tennille): claims for wrongful dissolution of an LLC and breach of fiduciary duty.

Port City Java, Inc. v. Reynolds and Sutton v. Reynolds (New Hanover)(Jolly): interpretation of shareholders’ agreement, counterclaims regarding breach of fiduciary duty and violation of the Stored Communications Act and the North Carolina Computer Crimes Act.

Queen City Television Services Co. v. Player (Mecklenburg)(Tennille): the Third Party Complaint seeks dissolution of a corporation based on alleged breaches of fiduciary duty.

St. George Technology, Inc. v. Watkins (New Hanover)(Jolly): alleged diversions of funds by former president of company, claims for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, NC RICO, and unfair and deceptive practices.  Defendant claims he was released from such claims when Plaintiff purchased his stock in the company.

Tai Sports, Inc. v. Hall (Gaston)(Diaz):Claim by sports apparel company for injunctive relief to "freeze" corporate assets or appoint receivers, for accounting, for declaratory judgment concerning the ownership, use and possession of corporate assets, and for breach of cororate fiduciary duties.

Tedder v. Tedder (Dare)(Jolly): shareholder dispute (between brothers) alleging misconduct by shareholder and officer, including claims for conversion, "bogus expense reports," and excess compensation. 

Triad Group, Inc. v. Wachopvia Bank, N.A. (Yadkin)(Tennille): securities claims regarding bonds issued by plaintiff and sold by Wachovia and also claims involving an interest rate swap agreement.

Wefald v. Wake Heart and Vascular Associates, P.A. (Johnston)(Tennille):lawsuit by cardiologist forced out of medical practice, issues whether termination was "for cause" and right of corporation to redeem former employee’s shares.