The Court granted the motion to dismiss of a member of an LLC in which the Plaintiff sought dissolution, ruling that “'[i]t is not necessary to join members as parties to a proceeding to dissolve a limited liability company unless relief is sought against them individually, however the court shall order that appropriate notice of the dissolution proceeding be given to all members by the party initiating the proceeding.’” N.C. Gen. Stat. § 57C-6-02.1(b) (2007). The law is also clear that ‘[a] member of a limited liability company is not a proper party to proceedings by or against a limited liability company, except where the object of the proceeding is to enforce a member’s right against or liability to the limited liability company.” N.C. Gen. Stat. § 57C-3-30(b) (2007).’"

The Court further ruled that to the extent the complaint asserted claims against the Defendant regarding his management of the LLC, those claims were derivative in nature and Plaintiff was not entitled to pursue them individually.

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