Judge Albert Diaz of the North Carolina Business Court was nominated today by President Obama to serve on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Senators Kay Hagan and Richard Burr both issued glowing statements about Judge Diaz and North Carolina Court of Appeals Judge Jim Wynn, who was also nominated for the federal appellate court.

In the press release issued by the White House, President Obama said that the two Judges "have been exceptional public servants for the people of North Carolina." 

The Fourth Circuit has fifteen seats for active Judges, numbered in the order in which they were originally filled. Judge Wynn, if confirmed, will take Seat 7, formerly held by Judge J. Dickson Phillips, Jr. of North Carolina. That seat has been empty for fifteen years, longer than any other judgeship in the country.  It’s actually the second time that Judge Wynn has been nominated for that seat. He was also nominated by President Clinton in 1999.

Judge Diaz will take Seat 11 if confirmed. That seat was formerly held by Judge William Wilkins of South Carolina and is still warm, as Judge Wilkins retired only a couple of years ago, in 2007.