The United States District Court for the Western District of North Carolina issued its new Local Rules today. There isn’t a blacklined version available, but there don’t appear to be a large number of changes as far as deadlines. Many of the Western District’s deadlines were already in the seven and fourteen day periods adopted by the revised Rules of Civil Procedure, and didn’t need to be revised.

The changes I saw were as follows:

Local Rule 16.1(B): Deadline for filing the Certification of Initial Attorney’s Conference.  Now due seven days (before it was five) after the Initial Attorney’s Conference.

Local Rule 16.1(C): Filing of Joint Stipulation of Consent to Magistrate Jurisdiction.  Now, if the Court rules on a motion to stay, the Joint Stipulation is due seven days after the Court’s ruling (it was five before).

Local Rule 54.1(D): Objections to Bill of Costs.  Objection within fourteen days of the electronic filing of the bill of costs (formerly ten days); response from prevailing party within seven days thereafter (before, five days).

Local Rule 54.1(E): Objections to the Ruling of the Clerk of Court. Request for review of ruling by Clerk on costs due seven days after the Clerk’s action (formerly five days).