Only a handful of new cases were designated to the Business Court in January 2010. That may be a function of the cold weather, or perhaps it’s a different kind of chilling effect, the $1,000 fee to designate a case to the Court. In any event, here are the six new cases:

Air Systems and Equipment Co. v. Sullair Corp.: (Catawba)(Diaz): Plaintiff claims that the Defendants used its confidential trade secret information to raid its workforce and hire several of its employees in violation of the North Carolina Trade Secrets Protection Act.

Beadnell v. Coastal Communities at Ocean Ridge Plantation, Inc. (Brunswick)(Jolly): another case (there are now several in the Business Court) involving claims by residential lot buyers that the price of their lots were grossly inflated through the fraud of the developer, with the cooperation of banks and appraisers.

Connett v. Jackson National Life Ins. Co. (New Hanover)(Jolly): apparently supersecret.  The Complaint and the Notice of Designation were filed under seal.

Coremin v. McNamara (Guilford)(Tennille):issues involving LLCs and partnerships, including whether a person may claim a membership interest in a North Carolina LLC based on an oral promise. (This one was designated to the Court on December 31, 2009).

LS Mtron, Ltd. v. Escorts, Ltd. (Edgecombe)(Jolly): Plaintiff, a creditor in a receivership proceeding, seeks to subordinate the claim of a secured lender (Textron Financial) based upon the lender’s claimed knowledge of the financial fraud of its customer.

RS&M Appraisal Services, Inc. v. Alamance County (Alamance)(Tennille):dispute concerning services provided by plaintiff to Alamance County in connection with its octennial real property evaluation. Business Court jurisdiction is based on counterclaims by the County alleging conspiracy in restraint of trade and a combination in restraint of trade.