Mack Sperling, founder and author of this blog, is away on medical leave. 

Like the cotton gin or the steam engine, Mack by himself can do the work of several people, and this blog is no exception.  Jennifer Van Zant, Julia Ambrose, and John Buford, Mack’s colleagues at Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard, L.L.P., have agreed to share the load during Mack’s absence.  We cannot promise you that any of us will have Mack’s singular insight, wit, or charm.  We can promise that we will continue to monitor and report judicial developments of interest to North Carolina businesses and business lawyers. 

We are all avid readers of this blog and know firsthand what a valuable resource it is.  We do not intend to be your permanent hosts.  We are guests, house-sitting while Mack is away.  Nothing will please us more than the day when Mack is back and we can return to our previous status as fans of the blog.

Those who wish to send greetings to Mack may address them to  Thank you for your past and continued readership and for the kind messages that many of you have had for Mack over the past weeks.


[We will strive to continue Mack’s apt illustrative use of photography and clip art.  The photo of the cotton gin above is from billums‘s photostream on Flickr, some rights reserved.]