We present two items today for the consideration of our loyal readers:

1.  Shameless Plug for Your Votes

The good people at Lexis, which hosts our firm’s legal blogs and many others, recently notified us that we have been nominated for consideration as one of Lexis’s Top 25 Business Law Blogs.  If you are a registered member of the LexisNexis Business Law Communities, please feel free to put in a kind word at this link.  If you are not a registered member but are so compelled that you want to register for free in order to talk us up, you are a wonderful human being.

As with the Oscars and Emmys, it’s an honor just to be nominated.  Also as with the Oscars and Emmys, our adherence to that statement improves greatly if we win.


2.  Less Shameless, More Practical Request for Opinions and Orders

From time to time readers ask how we monitor the dockets of the various courts on which we report.  Without revealing all eleven of our herbs and spices, some courts (such as the Fourth Circuit) have convenient email subscription services; some (like the North Carolina appellate courts) release opinions on specified days; and some (like the Business Court) feature an electronic architecture that enables us to monitor it through the use of proprietary software.

Federal district court and bankruptcy court opinions, however, are almost impossible to monitor without racking up salary-sized PACER charges.  Our reporting on those courts is largely dependent on tips from readers.  If you are involved in or otherwise aware of an order or opinion of note on an issue of North Carolina business law, especially in federal trial courts, please feel free to email us.  We are happy either to acknowledge the contribution or preserve the contributor’s anonymity, depending upon your preference.

Thank you as always for your continued readership.