From April 2009 through January 2010, I did a post at the beginning of each month on the new cases designated to the Business Court during the prior month. That’s been missing during my hiatus, without any outcry, but I am now resuming that service for October 2010.  There were nine new cases last month, running the usual gamut of minority shareholder claims to trade secrets claims, and breaches of fiduciary duty.

Blount Three Properties, LLC v. York Properties, Inc. (New Hanover):  Allegations that promoter and broker of shopping center development failed to make material disclosures prior to the sale of the property to the Plaintiffs

Carolinas AGC, Inc. v. Goodrich Hendry (Mecklenburg)(Diaz): claims that Defendant misappropriated Plaintiff’s confidential information and trade secrets to develop an internet database in competition with the Plaintiff.

Dugdale v. Polymer Group, Inc. (Mecklenburg)(Diaz): action by shareholder of Plaintiff to enjoin acquisition of the Plaintiff by Blackstone Group LP based on alleged breaches of fiduciary duties of the directors of Plaintiff. Plaintiff seeks class action certification.

Front Street Construction, LLC v. Colonial Bank, N.A. (Wake)(Jolly): claims that Defendant lender, acquired by BB&T, engaged in fraudulent and misleading conduct by failing to disclose that it was in financial difficulty when its loan to the Plaintiff was made, which led to it being unwilling or unable to fund the loan as represented.

Nestor v. Webb (Scotland)(Jolly): antitrust claim in which the Plaintiff alleges that the Defendants have conspired to monopolize the market in North Carolina counties for the market for kidney dialysis treatment services.

Peak Coastal Ventures, LLC v.SunTrust Bank (Forsyth)(Tennille): claim by Plaintiff that Defendant’s loan to the Plaintiff, an LLC, was not authorized by the Plaintiff as required by its operating agreement, which required majority approval by the managers of the LLC.

Thomas v. Moonracer, Inc. (Wake)(Jolly): minority shareholder claim alleging breach of fiduciary duty by the majority shareholders and seeking dissolution of the Defendant corporation.

Wilkie v. Stanley (Guilford)(Tennille): claims that Defendant violated partnership agreement

Wireless Communications, Inc. v. Epicor Software Corp. (Mecklenburg)(Diaz): claims that defendant made misrepresentations in connection with the licensing of business operations software