This is a blog for lawyers, though I don’t mean to run anyone off who wants to read it. But I’m writing for the most part about cases that involve issues of North Carolina business law, and the day-to-day practice of business litigation in North Carolina courts.

The main focus is the decisions coming from the North Carolina Business Court, which is North Carolina’s equivalent of the Delaware Court of Chancery. I try to summarize the Court’s decisions the day they come out, or at least the next day. I also look at the North Carolina Court of Appeals decisions when they are released and write about business related decisions from that Court. And if the North Carolina Supreme Court ever decides a business case, I’ll write about that too. Those don’t come down very often.

In addition to being a source for up to date developments in business cases, this blog is a research source.  There is a Case Database on the blog, searchable by keywords, that has summaries of every published decision of the Business Court and also summaries of nearly 100 of the unpublished decisions of the Court. The posts have links to the full opinions, and often to the briefs filed by the parties.

You can subscribe to this blog by putting your email address in the subscribe box on the main page, or better yet by RSS feed. I hope you’ll do that.

Mack Sperling