New Business Court Cases

Nine  new cases were designated to the Business Court during November 2009:

Alexander Hospital Investors, LLC v. Frye Regional Medical Center, Inc. (Alexander)(Tennille): dispute between the owner of Alexander Community Hospital and its former tenant regarding the Defendant’s alleged actions in causing the facility to lose its Medicare and Medicaid certification.

American Mechanical, Inc. v.

There were ten new cases designated to the Business Court during October 2009. They include two lawsuits against former officers and directors of Wachovia regarding the collapse of Wachovia (Browne and Harris).

Abraham v. Jauregui (Onslow)(Jolly): fraud claims by 77 plaintiffs involving coastal real estate developments.

Blackburn v. L.E. Wooten & Company (Wake)(Jolly):

Eleven new cases were designated to the Business Court in September 2009, including a class action against the North Carolina Department of Revenue claiming that the taxation of retirement benefits paid to certain state employees is unconstitutional (Pendergraph).

Bankers Life and Casualty Co. v. Barnes (Mecklenburg)(Diaz): claims for misappropriation of confidential information and trade

July was a slow month for new Business Court cases. By my count, there were only eight. One involves a hurricane (Bodie Island), another involves children’s cartoon characters (Middleton), a third involves telephone poles (Town of Murphy), and the others raise the usual allegations of corporate malfeasance and misconduct.

Eighteen new cases were designated to the Business Court during the month of May 2009.  Most are the usual disputes between members, partners, or shareholders of business organizations, but there are a few securities claims and a couple of trade secrets cases as well.

[Update: It’s actually nineteen new cases, I added the Napco case