Tortious Interference With Contract

If you have visited the restroom in an office building in the last five years, chances are you’ve had the opportunity to use Georgia Pacific’s hands-free paper towel dispenser known as "enMotion."  In a published opinion released yesterday, the Fourth Circuit generally ruled in GP’s favor on trademark infringement, tortious interference, and unfair and deceptive

What do you get when you mix together a luxury automobile, a tiger, and a wind tunnel?

It sounds like something out of the movie The Hangover, but it’s the case of BCD LLC v. BMW Manufacturing Co. LLC, an unpublished decision from the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

BMW and Clemson University

The Business Court ruled today in Crowder Construction Co. v. City of Charlotte, a construction law case, that North Carolina does not recognize the "cardinal change doctrine."  It also dismissed a claim that a project consultant had tortiously interfered with the contract between the general contractor and the City by rejecting the general contractor’s

I’m writing this post about the Business Court’s past decisions involving tortious interference with contract because "tortious interference" is one of the most common searches leading readers to this blog. 

So, here’s a summary of more than a dozen Business Court decisions which involve that tort, with links to the summaries of the cases on this blog, which

The Business Court today granted in part, and denied in part, a Motion to Dismiss in Gateway Management Services, Ltd. v. Advanced Lubrication Technology, Inc. Judge Tennille ruled on claims of tortious interference with prospective economic advantage, negligent misrepresentation, and misappropriation of trade secrets, among others.

Plaintiff (Gateway) alleged that the Defendant (ALT) sold it